Tuesday, April 12, 2016

tuesday's tunes #2

What's up, dudes. Yo girl is back at it again (at Krispy Kremes - eh? get it?) with some major tunes. I'm feeling so fricken in love with life and these songs have been brightening my days even more, so hopefully they do the same for you!

Light Year - Lo-Fang --> Lo-Fang, one of my absolute favourite music artists, is a pro at combining dark, sensual vibes with delicate yet powerful vocals. I feel like at least once a month I get obsessed with his Blue Film album all over again, and that has definitely been the case recently.

Lottery - Kali Uchis --> One of the many songs my cousin has shown me recently. It's a total sunshine song and makes me want to wear cute dresses and sunnies and walk around lookin' like a cute bad ass.

Fire and Rain - James Taylor --> A true classic that is perfect for lying on your bedroom floor and just singing along to.

Shiner - Indian Summer feat. Ginger the Ghost --> Something a bit different from the rest! It's perfect for that moment when you've got work to do, but don't want to start - it gives that little push to just get shit done.

Wait for the Moment - Vulfpeck feat. Antwuan Stanley --> Possibly the grooviest song I've heard in a while. Somebody in the comments said it felt like "AC on a hot summer day" and I could not agree more!

Can't Keep Checking My Phone - Uknown Mortal Orchestra --> Another groovy song + another amazing song my cousin showed me. This right here has got me dancin' all the time! Walking to class yesterday morning was 100x better thanks to this song.

Keeping Your Head Up (Jonas Blue Remix) - Birdy --> Heard this a few weeks ago and popped it onto my running playlist and completely forgot about it until to day when it came on during a particularly rainy and cold run. It definitely gave me the boost I needed!

Last but not least, this little gem of a video:

--> This is one of those random music finds that just left me smiling from ear to ear! Kudos to Lo-Fang for posting about this!

And there you have it, the second "tuesday's tunes"! Hope you enjoy!

Until next time, positive vibes your way xo

Friday, April 1, 2016

current inspirations

Since I'm on spring break and this first week has mainly just been me chilling at home and studying (although next week I'm off to Italy - holyshit), I've been breaking up study sessions with some time to watch videos, movies, and read articles just so I don't go absolutely revision-crazy.
In the past I didn't have much interest in self-improvement books and such. I loved talking about self-improvement and really working on myself, but I had this sort of "how would they know what I should do" mentality when it came to self-help books, videos, and podcasts. I just felt like all those people were saying things I already knew, or things that couldn't apply to me. But over the last few months I've really pulled a 180 on that view point, because now I realise that a lot of the self-improvement material out there is in no way forcing you to do anything; those authors and creators are merely telling you what they've learnt and hoping it helps in some way. 
I'm now in this phase where I want to take so much in, and learn from as many people as I can. There are 7 billion people out there, all experiencing different lives, and in some moments our lives can intersect and go down similar pathways, so why wouldn't you want to hear their view and learn from and hopefully grow from it?
I've definitely been trying to do that as much as I can, and just really approaching everything as an opportunity to learn, so I'm really excited that recently I've found so many inspiring pieces. 

These three that I want to share today are in the form of videos, two are from a few of my favourite YouTubers, and the last is a documentary, which I included the trailer for. 


Cartia Mallan is a YouTuber I've been following for a while. I immediately fell in love with her vibe and the style of her videos, but lately I've adored her even more because she's really started to create videos that she's passionate about. She teamed up with another YouTuber I adore, Emma Mercury, to film this video all about "Finding You". What I love most about this video is just how supportive they are of one another being themselves and following their passions, as well as how supportive and encouraging they are for others to do the same. There's a moment in this where they sort of have a "fuck it, just go for it" discussion about creating and it's really what motivated me to start blogging again and filming for YouTube!


Koi Fresco is a YouTuber I stumbled upon in a very random way (throwback to the ol' Tinder days), and I am so glad I did! Koi is all about educating yourself about spirituality, science, philosophy, and so much more. He's able to present these usually intimidating concepts in such a personable manner and it's really helped me in learning more about so many of the topics I would've otherwise sort of pushed aside because of their vastness. Many of his recent videos have been absolutely brilliant, but this one had a huge impact me because it allowed me to finally put a term to what I experienced about this time last year. Ego Death is defined as the "complete loss of subjective self-indentity", and although when I experienced it, it was the most terrifying moment of my life, I'm also so eternally grateful it happened because it's what set me on this path of self-discovery and curiosity about life and existence. Hearing Koi talk about his own experience and how it impacted his life really made me feel more at ease with my experience, and it was also really comforting to know that I'm not the only one it's happened to. I'd totally recommend checking out more of Koi's videos - I'm slowly working my way through watching them all!


I'm going to start this off by saying that I'm a nutrition student, so anything about the food industry really catches my attention, but I do know that that's not the case for everybody, so this may not be your cup of tea, but I do strongly encourage everybody to check out this documentary or something similar (such as the ones mentioned in THIS post). Educating yourself on what's going on around you will never be a step backwards.
This documentary focuses on upside-down nature of the food industry, and just how crucial it is for all of us to be aware of what these big corporations are selling us and the affects their products have on our health. 
Documentaries like this always leave me feeling even more motivated to continue on this path of studying nutrition and living a vegan lifestyle! Hopefully it has the same or similar effect on you!

So there you have it, my most recent inspirations. I'm a constantly inspired person; I'll see a small butterfly struggling to fly in the wind, a breath-taking documentary on space, or even just a mouth-watering photo of some new vegan dish, and all will leave me feeling inspired, and more likely than not I'll be itching to talk somebody's ear off about it, so I figure this blog can now be my go-to when my brother and cousin are tired of hearing me hype over my current inspiration! I'm hoping along the way I leave at least one person feeling inspired by something new or at least help brighten up one person's day.

Until next time, positive vibes your way

P.S. This morning the Tesla Model 3 was revealed, and holyshit, talk about inspiring. Elon Musk is the baddest of bad asses in my book. Check it out HERE.