Tuesday, March 29, 2016

tuesday's tunes

That title cracks me up - it's totally the kind of thing a kindergarten teacher would call her weekly music class, and I fuckin' love it. Plus I just love the word "tune"!
Best ways to use it:
"Dude, this is a tuuune!"
"Hey what was the name of that sick tune you were playing yesterday?"
"I'm in dire need of some new tunes."

Like c'mon, you can't say those don't sound absolutely hilarious? But better yet, we've got...
Like holyshit there has never been a more idiotic yet wonderful word to describe an insane song (tune) that you are absolutely loving.
If I'm being real, I sat for a good five minutes and tried to think of a post title that would work with "banger(s)", that's how much I love that term. I'm just a sucker for strange words - if it makes me laugh you can bet your sweet ass I will find a way to incorporate it into my vocabulary.

OKAY, that's all besides the point though. The point is, I've got some mad tunes to share with y'all:

Wolves - Allday feat. Sunni Colon (Low key, this is pretty... uhh basic? For lack of a better word - pretty typical lyrics, but there's something I still really dig about it.)

Super Rich Kids - Frank Ocean feat. Earl Sweatshirt (had to use a Spotify link for this because I can't find it on YouTube nor Soundcloud. Lame times, my friends.)

Boom, there you have it. Those have been the main songs I've been jamming to in my underwear every morning and night. You do it too, don't even deny it.
Hope you like 'em!


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